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I’m told fisher cats sound of

screaming children       I’m told

kids down the street       older than me

old enough to recognize their bodies

as bodies       are to be avoided

I have never seen a fisher cat

only heard its cries afar


from the town’s pool cinema arcade

once I told my mother I didn’t believe

fisher cats existed       she took broth

from the pot poured it on the floor

like chrism       I’m told crazy

is a word for strangers       I’m told

this house is a broken mirror


of my mother’s childhood home

tonight I dip bread in oil rendered

from moth wings       I’m told

it is a cure for everything

I’m told the wailing outside

is a fisher cat is kids       I’m told

my mother is still in bed

Gospel According to Anglerfish

here in the grass with bobcats

prowling                   around


like the last guardians of peace

or love                     love


for a boy named Pierre

who                        loves


more brightly than angel-

fish                          anglerfish


lure their prey with fleshy lobes

hanging                   from the mouth

imagine a mouth so cursed

no one                     can resist


to place a hand on a knee to place

a knee                     there


of all places imagine New Orleans where

a delta                     collects soil


rich as a body filled by other bodies

on the radio              a boy


sings to a girl who doesn’t exist yet

yet here                    is a hand


which has known his hand longer

than                         reincarnation


someday he will exist in the same lifetime

as this                      prayer


someday his songs will be about

the boy                    he loves


until such time as apocrypha and cicadas

I will be                   neither




Sage is a creative writing undergrad and Blue House fellow at Elms College. Their work appears/will appear in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Ellis Review, Sooth Swarm, The Penn Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, The Binnacle, and elsewhere. They can be found on Twitter @sagescrittore.

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