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anika prakash


        after Frank Bidart's "Visions at 74"

Wave after wave / the moonlight will come / & not end with me / I leave the body at dawn / half formed half madness / & nothing comes to take it. / Other bodies / waste away beneath starlight / in backroads & alleys / in shallow pools / of decaying love. / Other bodies / knock at my door again & again / turn their flesh inside-out / their teeth gathering at the bottom / of an empty drawer. /

I could go back / but who wants permanence? / Some nights / I hear the other bodies / crying in the stairwell / outside my door. Some days / when I wake /

I find them there / tears glistening half mercury half frightful. / There’s no home for me / here, no room for hands / that have touched every shadow / & in the dark / as they swing & sway / burning themselves the wrong way round / we watch the sunset / & rummage through years of silence.




Anika Prakash is a high school junior and Editor-in-Chief of Red Queen Literary Magazine. Her poetry has been recognized by The Adroit Journal and Writers Theatre of New Jersey, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a Platypus Press anthology, Noble Gas Qtrly, Hobart, The Ellis Review, Halo Lit Mag, and deLuge, among others.

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