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Chelsea Bunn

Content Advisory

A woman is seen smoking cigarettes.

A woman is seen drinking alcohol.


A woman is seen having an affair.

Intercourse takes place on a couch. Not explicit. Very brief.


A woman drives to a hospital under the influence of Ambien. Near accident. Jarring.

A woman’s father dies. More upsetting than graphic.


A woman is seen pulling at her cuticles until they bleed. Mildly gory.

A woman drives drunk with her young stepdaughter in the backseat.


92 uses of ‘f*ck,’ 81 of ‘sh*t,’ 46 of ‘a**hole,’ 29 of ‘son of a b*tch.’

Also 75 instances of ‘God,’ and 37 of ‘Jesus Christ.’


Some rather charged arguments.

A man is said to have considered suicide.


A man threatens to kill another man.

A woman cries uncontrollably.


Chelsea Bunn is a poet and educator living in New Mexico. Her work appears or is forthcoming in journals including Maudlin House, Sky Island Journal, Apathy Magazine, and Georgetown Review. Born and raised in NYC, she currently teaches poetry at SFCC and UNM.

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