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As ever-changing inhabitants of an ever-changing world, we share an incongruous familiarity with the feeling of being trapped. Sometimes, it is a youthful longing for the idealized unknown—to run away on an adventure, to experience the world faster. Sometimes, it is the feeling of being caught between two distinct societies, our identities divided, not quite a foreigner in either. And sometimes, a loss of faith in the world we have come to know leaves us feeling dazed and helpless, disillusioned in our search for something more. When we feel trapped in this world, it is easy to feel trapped in our own bodies. To read and write is to work to decipher the tangled meanings that intersect at our cores; to return to literature, again and again, is to make a continual effort to decipher the indecipherable. It is only through this pursuit—this constantly renewed examination of ourselves and the world around us—that we learn to both adapt and belong to ourselves.


Marie & Erin

June 13th, 2017

Editors' Note

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