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We waited

for the sky’s

decay, ignored

the moon like the streetlights

did darkness.

All bright eyes & thin

ankles, Friday night was



Our mothers were dragons

of grief, puffed

fear we froze as we tinted

our lips with colors named for

wine, took pictures with

tongues, sliced our shirts into

shards for boys who were too

dumb to notice

our sun slapped



Summer was our

scissor: we used pools

of piss to cut god from

prayer, ice cream to trim

our fathers



There were waffle cones

webbed with caramel, flavors

chalked with

chocolates & still

we littered

gummy bears on our



We paid with pennies

flipped upside, extra for

a maraschino cherry

to suck on until our mouths

oozed red, our drool a

flaming glitter.


The wind


our hair, stars

dripped onto our scalps.

We fingered

the night—our nails matched

our amethyst

hearts. I swore

we could be anything.

jodie kahan




Jodie Kahan lives in South Florida, where she is a senior at Pine Crest High School. She attended the Iowa Young Writers' studio this past summer, and her work has been recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

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