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Blog Contributor


We’re looking to continue the conversations that begin with the work in our main issues by starting a blog.


We’re interested in featuring writing on topics such as book reviews, essays, cultural

critiques, interviews, art, etc


-Must be able to contribute at least 1 piece of writing per month



As a part of our commitment to emerging and young writing writers, we’re seeking to give feedback on pieces that weren’t quite right for us.


-Must be experienced with providing feedback on chosen genre

We're currently seeking applications for the following positions

To apply, email with the following

  • Your name

  • A brief description of your experience with writing 

  • Feel free to include any awards, educational experience, etc.

  • Preferred genre/s (prose and/or poetry)

  • Include a writing sample as an attached .pdf of .docx file

  • Blog Contributor Position: A List of topics you're interested in/ideas for articles, critiques, reviews. etc.

  • Editor Position:


1. What genres are you interested in working with?, Why are you interested in being a part of Sooth Swarm Journal and/or providing feedback to writers receiving rejections? 


2. Feedback for the following work of your chosen genre (either poetry or prose)



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